A more recent version of the selected reference sequence NM_000500.7 is available (NM_000500.8):

Automap has added the updated variant description NM_000500.8:c.923dup to the HGVS-compliant variants table For optimal mapping to a genomic position, we recommend submission of NM_000500.8:c.923dup to VariantValidator NM_000500.8:c.923dup MUST be fully validated prior to use in reports

HGVS-compliant variant descriptions

(alignment method = splign)

Type Variant description Links
Transcript (:c.) NM_000500.7:c.923dup
RefSeqGene (:g.) RefSeqGene record not available RefSeqGene record not available
Predicted effect on protein (:p.) NP_000491.4:p.(Leu308PhefsTer6)
Predicted effect on protein (:p.) NP_000491.4:p.(L308Ffs*6)
Updated Transcript (:c.) NM_000500.8:c.923dup
Variant description Genome Build: Chr: Pos: Ref: Alt Links
NC_000006.11:g.32007966dup GRCh37:6:32007959:G:GT
NC_000006.12:g.32040189dup GRCh38:6:32040182:G:GT
NT_113891.2:g.3478617dup GRCh37:HSCHR6_MHC_COX_CTG1:3478610:G:GT
NT_113891.3:g.3478511dup GRCh38:HSCHR6_MHC_COX_CTG1:3478504:G:GT
NT_167245.1:g.3287182dup GRCh37:HSCHR6_MHC_DBB_CTG1:3287175:G:GT
NT_167245.2:g.3281597dup GRCh38:HSCHR6_MHC_DBB_CTG1:3281590:G:GT
NT_167247.1:g.3387807dup GRCh37:HSCHR6_MHC_MCF_CTG1:3387800:G:GT
NT_167247.2:g.3382222dup GRCh38:HSCHR6_MHC_MCF_CTG1:3382215:G:GT
NT_167249.1:g.3340674dup GRCh37:HSCHR6_MHC_SSTO_CTG1:3340667:G:GT
NT_167249.2:g.3341376dup GRCh38:HSCHR6_MHC_SSTO_CTG1:3341369:G:GT

Recommended variant descriptions

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  1. We recommend using a genomic and a transcript description in all publications
  2. We currently recommend that RefSeqGene descriptions should be used when possible

Genomic descriptions

Reference sequence type Variant description
RefSeqGene RefSeqGene record not available
Chromosomal GRCh38 NC_000006.12:g.32040189dup

Transcript description(s)

Reference sequence type Variant description
RefSeq Transcript NM_000500.7:c.923dup
LRG LRG_829t1:c.923dup

Unable to provide variant descriptions with respect to the RefSeqGene sequence because:

  • No RefSeqGene has been created for the CYP21A2 gene;
  • Or, Transcript NM_000500.7 has not been annotated in the RefSeqGene record for the CYP21A2 gene

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